Show cancellations

It’s hard. It’s depressing. It hurts. Shows are beginning cancelled. Norman, Dills, and NJRF. This is a huge hit to all vendors and performers not to mention the venues.

What can you do to help? Shop small. Share links to these businesses. Wash your hands. Stay home. We’re still creating and building product.

I’m going to hope that the second half of 2020 is better than the first 3 months have been. Stay safe everyone. – Elizabeth

2020 Schedule of Shows

Medieval Fair of Norman April 3-5

Dills Celtic Festival April 18

BrewFest May 9

New Jersey Renaissance Faire weekends May 23-June 7

Celtic Fling June 26-28

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire weekends Aug 8-Nov 4


We have a few others that we are waiting on confirmation for.  Hope to see you at one of them!

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2019 Shows (so far)

April 5-7 Norman Medieval Fair

April 13 Dill’s Tavern

May 11 Brewfest at Mt Hope

May-June New Jersey Renaissance Faire

June 21-23 Celtic Fling at Mt Hope

Aug-Oct Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

2018 Shows (So Far)

We are adding shows and will update as we confirm!


April 6-8 Norman Medieval Fair  Norman, OK                                                                                                   -We’re in our usual spot. Come visit us!                                                                                            Norman Medieval Fair

May 12 Brew Fest at Mt Hope                                                                                                                                  Brew Fest at Mt. Hope

May 19-June 3 weekends New Jersey Renaissance Faire                                                                                   9th Annual New Jersey Renaissance Faire

June 22-24  Celtic Fling at Mt Hope                                                                                                                           Kilts, music, food, and shopping!

August-October Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire                                                                                                PRF (my home show)




As I sit here looking at my show schedule (and anxiously wait for conformation of some of those shows), I look back at the last 15 years and how I have changed and grown.  I wouldn’t be where I am, enjoying my love of creating, if it weren’t for two sets of people.

The customers: Every year I see some of the same faces come back to chat or show me how their purchases are surviving or bring a friend to introduce them to my products.  I smile when I see a piece walk by that I made.  I laugh when I am asked silly questions about how I make things (and sometimes grimace), but most of all, I have a sense of pride that theses people have a piece of my art.  A pouch or belt may not seem like art, but we crafted it.

The staff (AKA minions): I have had people come and go over the years- some by their choice, others by mine, but I can honestly say that most have become friends and family to me.  I love how we work with each other, support each other, and step up when the other is faltering.  If it weren’t for my minion “family” my business would have died years ago when I had the first surgery on my hand let alone the recent neck surgery.  So I smile every day knowing that they are more than just workers who show up and sell stuff.  They care.  They are my family.

So what’s in store for 2018?  Changes.  Some old, some new.  Some good, some disappointing to to others.  Stay tuned…pexels-photo-165770.jpeg

Getting ready for NJRF

We’re excited to be returning to the New Jersey Renaissance Faire for 2017. Working hard to get product done for you!

Upcoming shows for 2017

Spoutwood May Day Festival      May 5-7, 2017

We’ll be in our usual spot of Frodo’s!

See all the vendors and entertainment

Brew Fest at Mt Hope   May 13, 2017

The booth will be open with all kind’s of leather goodies!

There are two sessions of beer tasting, food, entertainment, and vendors!

New Jersey Renaissance Faire   MAY 27, 28, AND JUNE 3, 4, 10, 11, 2017

King Arthur, Shakespeare, and Blackbeard?  Only in Crossford!

Action, Music, and Comedy Across 10 Stages!

Celtic Fling at Mt Hope  June 24-25, 2017 with a Friday night concert

We’ll be open for the concert!

Get your tickets now!

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire  weekends Aug 5- Oct 29, 2017

Our booth is located in Swashbuckler Grove

Tickets available now!